14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 11



1.--neh diplomatic agents it morning. It is not of the circular, nor 1 1 1 ,!It it appears to be an- A circular at Foreign Ce,,.... stated by whip is it published thentic. "CIRCULAR Alla 1:`:.,•1 NTIC AGI:NTS AT FOREIO/f INI,T11.11 1011 1i1REIGN AFFAIRS.

7 -.! t ui it 'ii the Crown had • adopted as relates more f:kmal relations of the country, ut to the Fast, as every- - .... Peace is in its eyes the • •:,,1,..nce and integrity of • repelled the em- ii late the division of ur Egypt : those means . : .... tef.1 to shake the .2 Of 1:11TOpe, than to which would

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i,: 14:eying aloof from might, for the purpose of ,v,eits in the East. It • dignity and interests of . to 111:1.111tIkill its rank, Such have been it has taken. It :•_••1 p -4dtion in which to all Europe, t., the chance of . Bat if, on the one lig parties to the Government could French nation; and it nod firmness of the -e, and be ready for every

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