14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 11

The Austrian Government, as the Augsburg Gareite states, has de-

cided on purchasing from 8,000 to 10,000 horses, for the remounting of sonic cavalry regiments.

The late King of Prussia left, among other bequests, forty thousand crowns to his daughter the Empress of Russia. Her Majesty has just presented this sum to the Municipality of Berlin for the benefit of the poor.

Summary of the official accounts of the actual force of the Belgian army, according to the documents laid before the King by the Minister of War—Infantry, 57,670; Cavalry, 8,503; Artillery, 8,970; Engi- neers, 1,518; Gendarmes, 1,268 ; total, 77,929.

A letter from Geveze states that a cultivator in that neighbourhood had sold his wife to another proprietor for 6,000 francs, and had received 60 francs earnest-money. The buyer reclaimed his purchase, but the seller refused either to deliver the wife or to return the earnest-money.