14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 12

1;1 11 T II S, A lt It I .1

G E S, N 1.)1,41.1' II S.

. .1 , • 1, •, ••• (;NI,LowAy, of a daughter. .a.. Ii In it I IL.: • in ar Sotnei eeshire,,the Lady of Lieu- tie • I • ).1,.11.7,,. of Mee:Willy, of it son. Onu tho ;'n , the Lady or ALEXANDER

I'irAreettiv Pe•VP, I I

(ID ;lie 2,1 1;ri41.1mi, 1.. •n • of (%11.t .'ie 1:u'VliAND, Italian Navy, of u%niuunm. tki gip iris'.. .a' st oues . he It I:1, of the Hey. ilsnuu M ZIA. of UR IO1410 , ciii ,..1m. Oa the 601 at se,eu,.,a'. ti, • be Rev. JANIE,3 WALIAcK, ur a dulatder. (nu 31st ult., at Tr.:: ity. ret 1.atly of the Itev. dolls MIcahraUttuit, B. A., et a val.

DIA It Itf Acus.

Oiu tit,. ), Taym(.011. finom., 'II '-t 0111 of the Earl of Aberdeen, Mtrmy, Hpeoild .1.1e141.b.r of r, Ous the at inlawaall, hls.su,u .51111 I Itg.ar Steart, to CittiMA, Perth ,Imiglilcr or , dev, I: (to the Itelu rut. Kilgrmt. ) 1 he, Hue /Pm. captain DAvin 111,Kay DIOittur, thud yam of Cu,, brother III the Each of Mausliold, to Miss GUAR?, obi; child of Joint, Groot, 1:.,q., of E ilgros11,11. On the 28111111t., at Prailkfort, Baron E. MINS DE DIETFURT, to CAROLINE SOPHTA, youngest daughter of James Lardner, Esq.. of Diisseldorf. On the 4th inst., at the Hagne. at the residence of the British Embassy, the Rev. C. R. Musses, M.A., of St. John's, Chelmsford, to KATHARINE, daughter of George Gibson, Esq., or Rotterdam.

On the 5t11 inst., at the British Embassy, Paris, 'METCALFE LABIUM, Esq., of the Bombay Civil Service, to EMILY, dnogliter of Henry Combs, Esq., of Caroline Street, BetIlbrd Square.

()II tIle 10111 inst., at Careary, DAVID LVALL, Esq., of Calcutta, to IsARELLA, second daughter of Rolm t Lyall. Esq., or Careary.

On the 6,11 inst., at Multi, Lieutenant EDWARD Rossetti). commanding her Majesty's steamer Cattiatice, to daughter of the late William Wilbraham, Esq.

On the 9th inst., at Upper Chelsea Chervil, the Rev. WILLIAM JOHN Cnorx, or wittol, Street, G.osvenor Place, to CECILIA ISABELLA, third daughter of John Barker, 1:1.1.. of Cadogan Pact'.

0.t the ltttli inst., at All Saints', Southampton, CHARLES SAMUEL GREY, Esq., youngest son of the laic Hon. Sir George Grey. Bart., to LAURA AlAny, fourth daughter of Charles A. Elba), Esq., of Clevedou Court, Somersetsitire.


At Rome, suddenly, the Princess Denoting, daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury. in her 2011 voitr.

On the ditiu ult.. hi London, the lion. DUDLEY MACDONALD, son of Alexander first Lord Macdonald, in his 54th year.

On the tith hist., rut Boulogne, LOUISA. Wife of the lion, Frauds Curzon. On the ;di inst., Sir Favxtils MoLvxsux OsimAxxxv, Knight, of Norfolk Street, and of East Sleet). Sorry, ht his 66th year.

thi the 51.11 hist, , tit Cheltettliatn, after a long indisi osition, the Rev. W. III. HARVEY, second soli tir the late Sir Robert Macron Harvey, of haughty Park, Bucks.

At Cape Town, in August last, WILLIAM OirrAvius ATKINSON, Esq., youngest son of the late II. W. Atkinson, Esq., of the Royal Mint.

On the 9th hist. , tit his house in Norfolk Street, Park Lane, Maor-General WiLmost II CLL. C. II. , of the Bombay Army,

Oa the 6:11 in . , at Denten', Kent, WILLrx)1CILACHOFT, Esq. .late of the Exchequer, in his 840: Out the Hilt inst.. at his house in Upper Berkeley Street, Captain THOMAS M-Tsa- OAKT, formeu'ly of the not. liatt India Company's Maritime Service, in his 75th year.

On the 11th at Fulham, Slits GRACE Tew, sister of Ludy Stronge, in her 90111 year.

On Bic 10t11 hist., at St. Albeit's Place, Regent Street, the Rev. WILLIAM Tnosms Tito)ipsost, eldest son of Charles Thompson, Esq., late of Rochester, Kent, in his 391h year. On the 701 inst., at Mile End, MARV, Relict of the Into Captain John Marshall, of Ramsgate, in her 94th year.