14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 12


Attivcd-At e, .f sI:•:11 !• 0,, from Singapore ; and. T.Iliza Kincaid. Broo t.,i . • ,. • :•• plter.1.• ••.,, ti42s, from Iletentl; Richmond, tlo• t. ; olf,y Iron) M unities; llth,*Asia, Fret-matt,

frobt C: . .. •• ; I. •,; the Cape; 12111, Louisa Munre. Sir:. , •• I ; I :awl, Gear, from t'eylon. At Liverpool, 9111. .i,•: v, I r •, n.m fl.'ni:'nI In In, Crown. KAT; and SID11111011, from Itomtay In the Clyde, Cut, '1) rev, Chisrlwek, tiom China. At

the Cape, Sept. ::.i•er 5;11, cdy Dlartta, from London. At ilumbey, previous to 44 tortIshir.., Mt -re ; Forlev; 1/artmoutli, Jacobs; and Sarah. Dawson, from Louden; Atttn Ker. DI.lie,•linie; William, Morris; and

Hercule tit, foot. 1.1)erpool; John 1ivrios.., V.hisoa, from Newcastle; John

Mitchell, ('tide; ‘Vard, from tn,, U1)•Ie. At Madras, previous to the

24th Sept, Diamond, '1'..!•tor ; II;mm Toiler ; Elise, 3tacarthyt and

bintethester. SaI;mm, nom Loueiou. At peuval. i•rel km; to Ille 19111 Salt. Greenland, Brewer: Asia. Polet-or.; C.tiro, l'hotorm; Ii, nurse, Ilendersen; Mountaineer,

; 1,.t, 01,1 xiii; ittunhopesitle, Pratt ; Malcolm,

lieu ; ner I MI.d. trot,. Loudon ; C eoeira, Nitrite; CODelatill, Sims; Urgent, Mom.; ; II' a r m, in ; I t• .t1 ‘Viiii•ott, St. ith ; Thomas t-parkes, Si,arlies; 1,-, ; j•.,., I I. ...I. ; min, h1.1 ; F .tufren, II elie)• ; aud P.uriot Q in ri,"! I Crawfiatt, fr/Int Neweasde.

Youth, iliac, from Leith ; (lee ,•!1, 'sin,'. in; awl M..ry Slautp, fru,n. rive... At Vat, 1 1.•tod, l'oteltase ; Ftt titter, Collier; Mary %Vint:met , iin. lo,a1 Prue Sharp, from '.;n.,' l Cint .1, 1•';.•,o, .1 Att —, from - I, N..... inn, Ii... .11 Boyd, for Ileteml; 71h. Sent' , .1, n tor oiluo • ,o,.1 fee Bombay; and 1101, John Cott .1,, Iten2iti. hi)... pool, 7th, halt, Ibr Bengal.