14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 5

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Paer.einert tOe.et oal:olon to the 10:11 of De.&:e..ther.

A Cabinet Colteeil was h.

()dice. It wes a,teeded Marquis ot loomedo wee, Chancellor of the Ex:Au:ono% other .Mimmieters. The The Efliteation Committee ,:t2 11, i or/

Monday, at the Councilo,ideo. i lie 1. •.m., .1 of Lansdowne, Lord dolto .• I', .

eagle, the Chan e5 II mruf the IL,". eo ) '['he Lords of the at teekle..1 :1 Exchequer on l'imursda■• of Sherifil; for the eesuing V.

'AIonday was Lord 3.1eyee. it iImm 5::.55- eermomiies. At the 1.e,.. t ::1 Ii

Ambassador, I,ord e.:11 the guests and spe:,.1-.e-r.

Ihr which Lord Melfeon upon the guests to receive

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appeal did not prevent ille t.

said, he considered it his Lion on stmeli uceosious al..: V. I,•i:.- tation, he should thie.be ie

bert Peel, and the other 1• was received wttli grew: el., thanks said, he should II, . the City of Loudon, eteed the City of London as 1:e.- eltorv of this countrv ; tif receiving capriole. tette et: Is ei iii:errea. mm;' mm LI :tl time and under ei eettetete, met;f. :IC!, 1:1,1; • ; :t.t and thee ilistitietionS were truly valuable.

The Committee who exil,o1 Poles have avell: • of the decor:nit:as 1mm C i: -11 :•, i'or a " grand dreoe ai of the funds t;): i•!vastere.! and .

tendance. An !y ,

and amusing seene ; aroi •Z .e.te S...01,12 for the exercise of individual t A meeting iml.th, i , mm Western Au.strelia, the purpose of oh:elm:Le. , of the site or ii,

From the various kiceeem, . that Port C..ey is in :tit t, - ••••

time question WilA I -1', mm the change, or would r. e. . a short di-emsion, it was moo,. their littal determination

. order to afford ti':, to . entertained by the meethee ot time Directors was carried tele farward manlier in whi:11 t...

sumption of the land mill .

t:rest they had evinekd : A speeial Leeleeral .•

• Sceicty was 'held on or dissolving that inst::ut se .1% on the Societv by the pre that it would. be imposei',:k• mm liicli time ttimmtitty was for.tud • It was opcosed ; and aficr

negatived, and an amealutent for commi • emu rho]. F.:reign

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