14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 5

Zbe Q.;ourt. THE Queen and Prince Altert arrived at Buckingham

Palace Yester- day afternoon. The visiters at the Castle and the suite of her Majesty left Windsor in the course of the day. It is expected that her Majesty will remain at Buckingham Palaee till after tier confinement.

The Dutchess of Keut arrived yesterday at Ingestre House, from Windsor Castle.

On Tuesday, a Privy Council was held in Windsor Castle; at which the Queen, Prince Albert, and most of the Ministers were present The further prorogation of Parlieineent wag lixtd at this Council. The Ministers who attended dimmed at the Castle, and took their departure the following morning. The Duke of Cambridge went te Coombe Wood. on Monday, for a day's shooting. On Thureday Imi Royal Highness paid a visit to Co- lonel Howard, at Asbtead Park, near Eosom.

Prince Edward of Saxe lieimar arrived in London 'mu Monde v from the Royal Military College at Sandhuret ; end left town by the London and Birmingham Railway, for Sudbury Ilan, on a visit to the Queen Dowager.

A ..Vinds•or correspon lent of the reoe lunmns the world that a " learned horse" hoe been exhild''.;eme fm . the ammement tif the Queen and Prince Albert. The C911■4..I'V.It• I to Atleloide Lodge was made into a show-room, v Lee.. t 0111111,1t mr.;!'. 011'0110 hie- wonderful perform:tele:2s. At th,e c.ee.1:,:anel of Ct... Qtecen it eoelled " Albert," by picking up the homers wimh Lie teeth, onnt an melphabet of cards, and presenting them to he: Maje,:,.. ode by ow.!: Prince Albert then commanded it to spell " Victoria," m' mm'! the leaened Ii,,. mm obeyed. The learned horse, mon:over, deew mimeork from a bottle, :tell performed many other ream, " mighty curious to hehold.'