14 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 9

A pamphlet ha defence of the Earl of Cardigan Imvina

been trans- mitted by its author to Pri3ce Albert, the ini:o•A Ittt reily was re- tUrne:1— "I tun cart it by his Iiighnes= Prince Albert tu acknowiedg,e tine receipt of your letter, a pamphlet you bare written in defence of Lind Cardigan. His as Cuionel of the regiment, not having briim npun to express any npiaioa, and not having taken any part in this case, will not patronize any publieation written either in defence

Uf the one side or the other. G. E. ANsON.” The had accounts received from Mu rave Castle state that the Mareuls of Nornemby is e ang oa very fivotrally. It is expected be

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