15 MAY 1915, Page 24

READABLS NOVELS.—The Herb of Healing. By G. B. Burgin•. (Hutchinson

and Co. 6s.)—There is some humour and some pathos in this story of Canadian life; but we cannot deny that on the whole it is lacking in interest.—Gold and Thorns. By Max Rittenberg. (Ward, Lock, and Co. 6s.)— These adventures of a " gentleman crook" are well conceived, well written, and, best of all, original.—Co-Directors. By Una L. Silberrad. (Rockier and Stoughton. 6s.)—When a man and a girl are co-directors of a commercial enterprise, they may well find happiness in closer partnership; and Miss Silberrad's story is pleasant and probable, if somewhat leisurely.