15 MAY 1936, Page 1

Italy's Tactics Italy meanwhile is making the most of her

military victory. The annexation of Abyssinia (no diplomatic equivocations about a mere protectorate) has been pro- claimed and the organisation of a kind of administration under Marshal Badoglio is in progress. Here a word of caution is needed. , All news from Abyssinia now comes from Italian sources or through Italian channels, which means that the world hears about events in that country what the Italian Government or the military authorities want them to hear. Some kind of Abyssinian Govern- ment is said to he functioning at Core, two hundred miles west of Addis Ababa, where the archives and most of the Ministers arc, but no successful military resistance can be looked for, though the Italians are not yet in effective occupation of half the country. Elsewhere Signor Mussolini, nettled at the continuance of sanctions (which are obviously far less innocuous than the Italian Press claims), is making various overtures to European Powers.