15 MAY 1936, Page 3

The Future of the League That the Italo-Abyssinian war, following

on Japanese action in Manchuria, has brought the whole future of the League of Nations into question is a matter of common agreement. The actual existence of the League may be involved, or the revision of the Covenant ; or it may be generally decided that all that is needed is that those States which have the power to make the League a reality should also have the will. In view of the import- ance of a full discussion of the subject from every angle, The Spectator has arranged a short series of articles on " The Future of the League." The first, by Sir Alfred Zimmern, appears on a later page of this issue. Next week's article will be by Lord Lytton. Subsequent writers include M. Pierre Cot, who has been a member of several French Governments, Mr. Harold Nicolson, M.P.: and Sir Arthur Salter.