17 JUNE 1972, Page 28

Coming to terms

From Mrs Joanna M. Lycett

Sir: I was much heartened to read in The Spectator (May 27) several good letters about the utter impossibility of coming to terms with Eurocracy. I found that from Mr D. J. Carter particularly encouraging, with its robust theme of Never say die ', and I am also glad that the columns of The Spectator are still a forum for some of the members of the antiMarket ranks. It has, in fact, been my belief for the past month that the Editor (Mr Gale) will soon recover from the attack of schizophrenia that he announced on April 29—so firm has always been my belief in the good sense of the paper he represents.

Would it be possible for The Spectator to publish the letter to the.

Carter) from the two experts in law on the subject of VAT? Their

views on such a far-reaching subject should be read by as wide a public as possible, and yet, as we do not all subscribe to the Times, many of us have missed the letter.

May I end with a Latin tag which is a niggling memory from the distant days when I wrestled with Dr Hillard and Mr North? — Res animae, cum rebus cerebri certantes, semper erunt victories — which is not meant to indicate that the anti-Marketeers are being carried away by enthusiasm without cerebration; very much the reverse—but is a well-meant warning to some who are temporarily trying, with ' spirit ' switched off, to find ways to justify an impossibility — which of course no amount of intelligence can manage to do. Incidentally there seems to be no word in my Latin vocabulary for one who is ready 'at a stroke' to sell us — Queen, Parliament, people — into the position of permanent vassaldom to Dr Mansholt and his far-from-merry men . . . with President Pompidou poking his nose in frequently to ensure our complete subjugation. (Wish I were enough of an artist to append an illustration of M. Pompidou inserting le nez.)

South Lodge, Copthorne, Nr. Crawley, Sussex