17 JUNE 1972, Page 28

Will and Paavo

Sir: Only today has your issue of May 6 reached Helsinki University Library's shelves, so that I must apologise for raising a point about an article a month old.

Will Waspe, in his May 6 whisperings, says that he is disturbed by the decision to appoint Paavo Berglund as principal conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Leaving aside Hra Berglund's obvious experience and qualifications, which should be too well known to require further comment (whether or not the Sibelius comment was a gibe, and whether or not it consequently implied a lack of understanding of other composers, it was singularly fatuous—but perhaps Mr Waspe is deaf), why on earth should the appointment of a Finn prejudice the BSO's chances of an increased Arts Council grant? No reason at all, I should have thought, since if, under Hra Berglund's direction, the orchestra reputation nationally the orchestra's reputation nationally no doubt it will be, and as, a broad at least, it could do with being), the credit will be due to conductor and players alike.

One other small point: how is it that in most of the bookand paper-shops in Helsinki such weeklies as the Economist and New Society, also the New Statesman, are quite readily available, where

as the only way of knowing the Gower Street view is to peer and gropeon shelves in the British Council Office and the University Library? Maybe the Marketing Manager could advise me.

Alec Crowe Antti Korpintie 4A 13B, Taivaskallio, Helsinki