17 MARCH 1855, Page 10



The English Stock Market has experienced a decided improvement this week, equal to about 1 percent; and the purchases of some influential parties have been of a nature to excite attention, from a belief that they are often based upon direct information from Vienna. A more favourable view of the ultimate issue of the Vienna Conferences, and the improved prospects of the money-market, have supported prices, when the absence of corroborative infor- mation to rumours of the previous day would otherwise have depressed them.. Since the death of the Emperor Nicholas, the Greek homes have been frequently consulted, as they usually obtain early intelligence of any important event relating to the war. Yesterday a good effect was produced when it became known that the Bank of England tender had been accepted for the whole of the Guaranteed Four per Cent Jamaica Loan of 433,0001. Consols for Money have touched 931 during the week, and they leave off this afternoon at 9314 and 934I for the Account. The French Funds continue unsettled, and fluctuate from 4 to 1 per cent daily. The monthly statement of the Bank of France presents some favourable features : the stock of bullion shows an increase of 616,000/. More than half the deficiency of 5,400,000/. between October and January last has now been recovered. Yesterday, at the half-yearly Court of the Bank of England, a dividend of 4 per cent clear of Income-tax was declared. The profits for the six months up to the 28th of February had been 600,222/. • making the "rest" on that day 3,600,264/. After providing for the dividend, the " rest " will be 3,018,1341. In the Corn-market there has been an advance of 3a. The gold mid specie arrivals continue on a large scale, and include 105,720/. from New York, and about 660,000/. from Australia.

In Foreign Securities there has been very little activity, but the leading Stocks continue firm at the quotations of last week. The chief feature has been an improvement of 14 in Turkish, caused by some large purchases, and by the near approach of the dividend due on the 10th of ApriL It closes to- day at 804 1. Letters from Frankfort on Wednesday mention a new Bava- rian loan of Four-and-a-half per Cent, amounting to 6,500,000 florins, or about 650,000/. sterling. Subscribers of 50,000 florins or more are to be al- lowed a half per cent commission. It is supposed that the applications will be very numerous,

The Railway Market still moves with caution, but an average improve- ment of 158. to 1/. 108. has been established in many of the principal lines. London, Brighton, and South Coast, and London and South-Western, have been heavy, and are 1/. lower ; being the result of speculative sales. The Account was arranged on Wednesday. The transactions have been chiefly confined to Great Western' London and North-Western, Lancashire and Yorkshire and Midland. Foreign Shares are stronger : Paris and Lyons are 1.7s. 6d., Eastern of France 12e. Si., and Northern of France lbs. higher ; Paris and Rouen are 11. lower., The English Funds are I better this morning, ad Consols for Money are now 931 1 and for the Account 931 1. Exchequer Bills 6 9. A considerable increase in the bullion is exhibited in today's return by the Bank of Eng- land, amounting to 431,686/. In Foreign Stocks., Sardinian is 1 per cent better, being 86 8. Turkish is firm at 804 1. Railways are steady, and at present without alteration—Eastern Counties 111; London, Brighton, -and South Coast, 98k; London and North-Western,. 1001; Midland, 70 ; Nor- folk, 50; North British, 29i. . ,

3 per Cent Consols Into for Account

3 per Cent Reduced

New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock

Exchequer Bills

IndiaStock Austrian 5 per Cents Brarilian 5 per Cents Belgian 41 per Cents Chilian 6 per Cents Daniah 5 per Cents 981 1 931 1 shut shut shut shut 6 9 225 7 84 7 101 3 92 4 102 4 101 3 Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents Mexican 3 per Cents Peruvian 41 per Cents

Date 3 per Cents

Portuguese 4 per Cents Russian Spec Cents Ditto 41 per Cents

Spanish 3 per cents Ditto Deferred

Sardinian 5 per Cents

Swedish 4 per Cents 814 r 52 4 ; 93 5 ' 201 1' 70 2 50 $ ; 42 4 . 99 101 89 91 - 36' 74 131 1 )

86 8 .