17 MAY 1919, Page 20

READABLE NoVELS.—A Pair of Vagabonds. By Aim6s Bond. (Herbert Jenkins.

6s. net.)—An account of a canteen run at a railway junction in the front line in France by the "CEuvre du Quart de Jus," and presided over by the two " vagabonds " of the title, who are Englishwomen. The description of the evacuation before the German advance last March, with its endless procession of troops and refugees, is most moving, as is, too, the lightning glimpse of "The Tiger" dauntlessly proceeding towards the front against the great *stream of retreating traffic.—The Great Interruption. By W. B. Maxwell. (Hutchinson. 13s. 9d. net.)—A series of short stories dealing with the war. The first, "A German in the Village," is a very grim and poignant sketch.