18 SEPTEMBER 1880, Page 1

A kind of sketch of the instructions to the Admirals

at Ragusa has been published, but it does not amount to much. Admiral Seymour, as senior Admiral, is appointed Commander.in-Chief ; 'but whenever action is intended, he does not command, but consults the other Admirals, each of whom has instructions from his own Government. No troops are to be landed, what- ever happens, and there are no troops to land ; but as the Montenegrins undertake land duty, the restriction is of less importance. In the event of hostilities, Russia may be relied on, anti, it is believed, Austria and Germany ; but there is a belief about, not sufficiently explained, that the French Admiral hai been ordered not to share in any actual operations. That does not look true; but it would seem certain that great pres- sure, probably financial, has been placed upon M. de Freycinet not to go heartily against Turkey, and that but for M. Gam- betta, who is pledged to the lips to Greece, France might have remained in isolation.