18 SEPTEMBER 1880, Page 1

A storm is evidently raging in the French Ministry. M.

de Freycinet wishes to abstain from carrying out the decrees against the unauthorised religious societies, and to introduce next Session a general law, to which they say they will submit. M. Gambetta, on the contrary, desires that the decrees shall be carried out, on the distinct ground that the Orders must be made to feel their powerlessness before the law. As the Chamber will agree with M. Gambetta, the Cabinet is perplexed, and on Thurs- day sat for three, hours considering the question. M. Grevy is, on the whole, on the side of his Premier ; but the Chamber obeys M. Gambetta's voice, and the general belief is that either the Premier will yield, or the Government, after the Chambers have reassembled, will once more be reconstructed. The reconstruc- tion would materially affect foreign policy, as M. Gambetta does not agree that France should efface herself, or act as a second-class Power. No hint has yet been given as to M. de Freycinet's successor, arid it is carefully recorded that his sub- mission is not entirely out of the question.