18 SEPTEMBER 1880, Page 25

A Practical Treatise on Sea-Sickness. By George W. Beard, A.M.,

M.D. (New York : E. B. Neat.)—Dr. Beard gives us in this little pamphlet the results of an extended personal experience. The remedies which he suggests are briefly these. To bromise the system before starting, a process performed by taking large doses of bromide of soda, until these ensure "a weakness of the limbs, a dull- ness, a stupor, a tendency to sleep by day and by night," &c. In certain cases, he recommends hypodermic injections of solution of atropin. The symptom of headache is treated with citrate of caffeine or cannabis indica. We place implicit faith in Dr. Beard, but we are reluctantly driven to the conclusion that there is no royal road for the cure of sea-sickness. Must one bromise oneself for throe days, in preparation for a three hours' voyage ? The majority of mankind want an instant remedy for a passing affliction. Unhappily, this seems unattainable. But there are not a few sufferers who will bless Dr. Beard for what will make a long voyage endurable.