18 SEPTEMBER 1880, Page 3

Major-General Fielden, who at the general election earned much ridicule

by a speech from the hustings, in which he de.. dared, that the thing he was most certain of was that he was. Major-General Fielden, and that his father was a much better man than himself, and that God was the cause of his father, but not inferentially of himself, seems to possess, after all, a good deal of the wisdom sometimes given to the simple. At all events, he has made the most sensible speech any Tory has delivered since the election. He told the guests at the Eccleston Agricul- tural Show on Tuesday that he had thought the withdrawal of the army from Cabal a most dangerous step, "but when he heard the straightforward and statesmanlike and manly explanation made by Lord Hartington, he felt reassured, and felt that the Government were perfectly right in following the advice of General Stewart, and allowing General Roberts to take his army from Cabal to Candahar. He was glad to be able to say this of Lord Hartington, whom he looked upon as one of the fittest Ministers we had in this country, and one of the ablest statesmen and the most honest politicians."