18 SEPTEMBER 1880, Page 3

The Nihilists are becoming visible again in Russia. A plot,

not very real-looking, has been reported to blow up the Czar on his way to Livadia ; and a secret journal, called the Will of the People, has been largely circulated through the post. Its conductors declare that General Loris Melikoff, so far from in- troducing reforms, has only systematised absolutism. He has united various authorities, multiplied police officers, and exag- gerated the spy system, but has not lightened the despotism in any way. He is described as a wily Asiatic, and accused of cruelty in the prisons,—a menacing accusation, as the penalty for that offence by the Nihilist code is death. The General has certainly succeeded in quieting the commotion which was disorganising all society in Russia, partly, we suspect, by wide-spread but unreported arrests, and partly by severe warn- ings to the Jews, many of whom were friendly to the Secret Society ; but it remains to be seen if he has extirpated the mischief. The Emperor is reported to be much worn with anxiety and unrest, and the abdication is spoken of once more.