19 APRIL 1963, Page 15

CND's Future John Gitlin Qs, John Richardson, Anne Simmons Defeat

of Intellect Robert Conquest Royal Academy Dilemma Humphrey Brooke `Oh What a Lovely War' Raymond Fletcher TV Deprivation James Brock Kindling Interest Rev. Timothy Beaumont

The Hard Sell D. Eastgate • Shirt-Wasters G. C. Potts

Tangled Lines Oliver Edwards Teachers' Unions W. G. Boyd CND's FUTURE seems rather excessive. If Mr. Greer took a look Sta.—Four pages of gossip-column about CND around, he might find that CND is still going strong, and full of new ideas. One such new idea is that of Political intervention, to present the voter with a genuine choice between defence policies which he has so far been denied. it is interesting that realistic Proposals of this nature are usually ignored by the Press. and Mr. Greer is no exception.

INDEc —the Independent Nuclear Disarmament Election Committee—has already chosen its first constituency. A survey has shown that we may already expect a vote in the region of 7,000. We expect to gain many more in the course of our cam- paign. We are prepared to put our ideas to the vote. Is Mr. Greer prepared to take us seriously?


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