19 APRIL 1963, Page 16


SIR,—Many of your readers, both male and female, will hope that Mr. Pierre Frederick's letter will have some effect upon the makers of shirts who with the shirt offer sixteen, and more, quite unnecessary bits and pieces to the irritation and sometimes pain of the buyer. But there is more to it than he says. The purchaser cannot tell, until he gets his shirt home, what kind of a shirt he has bought. It may, or may not, have long or short sleeves. It may, or may not, have buttoned or cuff-link cuffs. It may, or may not, be decent or indecent in length, cover- ing or not covering the backside. It may, or may not, have wide open vents at each side (from which they tell me the collars have come). It may even be, or not be, to the joy or sorrow of one's wife with a flat-iron, a shirt with a front that can unbutton all the way down, or a shirt buttoned only half-way down. Have any of your readers ever asked the shop- keeper to open the thing up in the shop? If so, with what result?


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