19 APRIL 1963, Page 26

Apology for Blasphemy

I can formulate two Excuses in mitigation : First, blasphemy surely admits Some firm, good name : Only the loved names can Incite to abuse and treasons: You cannot blaspheme over what You must despise.

Second, it was, of course, A trick, in assistance o love, And no truth. This is the plain fact. To please a spy, Huge factories are built With shuddering walls of dark steel —Shells of deception, aft a lie. My words did that.

Let an amending tongue Now penitently cast for means To rebegin flattery, since I shrink in fear Of how I have blasphemed If nothing can be seen to crack These literal words; unmake What they imply.

It is with metaphor We can assuage, abolish and Create. I will apologise With metaphors: Listen : you could not know, But when the snow dashed your face, it made Patterns on white, violent glass, stone- Scattered; and as Your mouth just opened, now, In a slight surprise, all the lions' Mouths on the bronze financial doors Dropped their gripped rings.