19 APRIL 1963, Page 6

Wisden 1963

I think it is perhaps fitting that the hundredth edition of Wisden, the cricketer's bible, should appear almost to the day of the anniversary of Dr. W. G.'s last match—though that was in the first half of the Wisden century. To mark the occasion, the proprietors are presenting a new cricket trophy to stand besides the mythical Ashes—`the Wisden Trophy,' to be contested between England and the West Indies, thus en- suring that Wisden's name will live on. Wisden has always seemed to me essentially for the amateur, with its loving devotion to the intricacies of public school cricket, its haughty disdain for league cricket, its misprints spattered here and there throughout its pages, and its unend- ing pages of the births and deaths of every first- class cricketer. The jubilee edition is no excep- tion, ferreting out cricket news in Bermuda and Uganda, and loyally recording the details of the Fijian tour of New Zealand. This is all the more astonishing in that we are told next to nothing of last winter's tour of Australia.