19 AUGUST 1905, Page 15

THE total amount of subscriptions received up to August 17th

for the Cheap Cottages Exhibition is ..£1,731 13s.

The Cheap Cottages Exhibition can be reached from London, via King's- Cross, in about an hour. The station is Letchworth, and the third-class return fare, including admission to the Exhibition, is only 2s. 6d.

"The Book of the Cheap Cottages Exhibition" (1s. paper or 2s. 6d. cloth), which constitutes a complete Catalogue of the Exhibition, and contains plans, elevations, and specifications of all the cottages exhibited, can be obtained from any Bookseller, or direct (post-free, 1s. 4d. or 3s.) from the "County Gentleman and Land and Water," 4 and 5 Dean Street, Holborn, W.C., who are the Publishers. All profits derived from the Catalogue go to the Exhibition Funds.

We are asked by the "County Gentleman and Land and Water" to express their apologies to applicants for "The Book of the Cheap Cottages Exhibition" who have not had their orders executed promptly, owing to the demand for the Catalogue being so im- mensely greater than was anticipated. They are now, however, in a position to execute all orders for the Catalogue. Copies may also be obtained at Messrs. W. H. Smith and Son's bookstalls, or through any newsagent's.