19 AUGUST 1905, Page 22

In the series of "Westminster Lectures," edited by the Rev.

Francis Aveling, D.D. (Sands and Co., 6d. net), we have two tractates which will be found useful by those who have to deal with the questions discussed in them. These are The Freedom of the TRU, by the Rev. A. B. Sharpe, M.A.; and Modern Freethought, by the Rev. J. Gerard, S.J. Father Gerard is at considerable pains to show that though a " Catholic " is bound to believe in God, in the great Christian doctrines, and in the supernatural generally, he is not thereby debarred from the use of reason ; and Mr. Sharpe supplies an instance when he says that while the Council of Trent decreed that "the freedom of the will is of faith," we are free to maintain this thesis by arguments that may seem to us most suitable and cogent. The subjects are too large for the brief notice that we can give, and we must be content

with commending the two "Lectures" to the attention of our readers.