19 AUGUST 1905, Page 22

Prince Bulbul in Search of a Religion. (C. W. Daniel.

3s. 6d. net.) —The Persian Prince who comes over to test the value and consistency of Christianity is a latter-day "Citizen of the World." It is easy to point out the defects of any social or religious system, and the Persian is as inquisitive and as successful as those who have come on the same errand before him. The Roman, the Anglican, the Calvinist fall easy victims to his destructive criticism. It would be quite idle to attempt an answer. The "hard sayings" of Christ have been made the subject of controversies without end, which have left the dis- putants exactly where they began. Yet human action has been influenced by them, and influenced for good. The lifting up of man from one moral plane to another is a very slow business ; still, it goes on, and the setting forth of ideals which we know to be beyond our reach somehow helps AB. We have to row hard against the stream, and it cheers us to see the "distant gates of Eden gleam." Possibly such a book as this may have the salutary effect of a tonic. But we should have thought better of the author if he had avoided the banal satire of such names as Soundport, Pawkie, Mundane, &c.