19 AUGUST 1905, Page 24

C.B. (Bell) net 10/0 Beebe (S. P.) and Buxton (R.

H.), Outlines of Physiological Chemistry, C? 8v0 (Macmillan) net 8/6 Beldam (G. W.) and Fry (C. B.),- Great Batsmen: their Methods at • Glance. 8.0 (Macmillan) net 21/0 Book called in Latin Euchiridion Militia Cbristiani (A), and in English the Manual of the Christian Knight, &c. With Precepts made by Erasmus of Roterdame, feap 8vo (Methuen) net 3/6 Borchardt (W. G.), Algebraical Examples, cr 8v0 (Rivingtona) 3/0 Borchardt (W. G.), Elementary Algebra, cr 8vo (Rivingtons) 4/6 Bottome (Phyllis), Raw Material, cr 8vo (Murray) 6/0 Bumpus (T. F.), The Cathedrala of England and Wales (T. W. Laurie) net 6/0 Bunyan (John), Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. Illustrated by H. Copping, 4th (R.T.S.) net 25/0 Couch (A. T. Quiller.), Shakespeare's Christmas, and other Stories, Cr 8vo (Smith & Elder) 610 Flood (W. H. G.), The Story of the Harp (Music Story Series), cr 8vo (W. Scott) net 3/6 Green (E. E.). The Family : Some Reminiscences of a Housekeeper (R.T.S.) 2/6 Hartog (W. G.), Grammaire Francaise Pratique, cr 8vo (Rivingtons) 3/6 Irving (E.), How to Know the Starry Heavens, 8vo (Unwiu) net 8/6 Johnstone (James), British Fisheries : their Administration and their Problems, 8vo (Williams & Norgate) net 10;6 Little (A ), The Far East, 8vo (Oxford Univ. Press) net 7/6 Mathers (Helen), The Ferryman, cr 8vo (Methuen) 6/0 Moussu (G.) and Dollar (John A. W.), Diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Swine, roy 8vo (Gay & Bird) net 25/0 Naidu (Sarojini). The Golden Threshold. Introduction by Arthur Symons.

12mo (Heinemann) 3/6 Owen (Charles), Captain Sheen, cr 8vo ' (IInvrin) 6/0 Pictures in Colour of Warwickshire, the Country of Shakespeare and George Eliot, with Notes by F. L. Sabatim, 4to ... ....... .... . (Jerrold) net 2/6 Pilgrim of India (The) : a Poem in Four Cantos, cr8vo...(Skeffington) net 3/6 Popular Mechanics: Shop Notes for 1905, roy 8vo (Gay & Bird) net 2/6

Shiel (H. P.), The Lost Viol, cr 8vo (Ward & Lock) 6/0

Smeaton (0.), The Story of Edinburgh (Mediaeval Town Series). 12mo (Dent) net 4/6

Soutar (L. H.), A Highland Web, cr 8vo (Simpkin) 6/0

Watson (Margaret), Driven, cr 8vo (Linvein) 6/0 Wilberforce (Bishop), by R. G. Wilberforce (Leaders of the Church), Cr 8vo (Mowbray) net 3/6 Wyon (R.) and Prance (G.), The Land of the Black Mountain, or 8vo (Methuen) net 2/6