19 JULY 1940, Page 13

Their Prices The current prices of these roots and herbs

must, to the lay mind, be quite staggering. Elder flowers are now quoted at 65s. per cwt., foxglove leaves 95s., marigold flowers 120S. Among the nightmares of all gardeners I note couch-grass root at 55s. per cwt., dandelion root at 8os., dock root at 5zs. Poppy petals (Popover Rhocas) are high in the list at 200S. per cwt., followed' by henbane leaves at 15os. Southemwood, eyebright, violet leaves, the leaves and flowers of lime, are all quoted at 8os. Camomile flowers, brewed by our grandparents into a tea that was held to be almost a cure-all, surpass everything at 400s. For some of these, and of the scores of other plants for which there is urgent need, the correct collecting time is past for this year. But very many are still procurable, and will continue to be' until as late as November. Country people who are interested should, however, write to Messrs. Brome and Schimmer, 6 Leather Market, S.E.r, who have already asked certain Women's Institutes to help, and who can give any kind of expert informa- tion and advice on a subject that is, I think, full of interesting possibilities.