19 JULY 1940, Page 15

THE PERIL OF IRELAND Sm,—The real danger facing Eire is

that she may drift into a position involving a border clash between her National Army and the British forces in Northern Ireland. From what we know of the Nazi philo- sophy of conquest this would work out almost to text-book standard. No sea-borne Nazi army would then be necessary to start a conflict in the heart of Ireland2 which would, of course, be advertised as a brutal " British aggression against Ireland," &c.

To get this abomination properly working the (at present) not impossible feat of landing some 50o Nazi parachute troops upon the be coast of Galway would all that is necessary thoroughly to arouse

the Western Celts and stiffen their resolution to free their land from the " British invaders," as the ground would be naturally prepared for the Nazis to appear in the guise of " liberators." Is this the real reason why Sean Russell is being kept in cold storage in Hamburg? At all events, it is certainly up to both Mr. Churchill and Lord Craigavon to " Go to it " by meeting the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Irish people at home and abroad by abolishing the aggressively formed boundary and instituting a federal Parliamentary system, when neutrality would speedily die of starvation.—Faithfully

rs Glenloch Road, London, N.W. 3.