19 JULY 1940, Page 3

hreatened Music

The London Philharmonic Orchestra, deprived at the out- eak of war of the financial support of its wealthy patrons, ved itself from dissolution by reconstituting itself on a profit- aring basis. But orchestral concerts are expensive, and under e present abnormal conditions there has been more loss than ofit to share. An appeal is to be made for funds to secure e continued existence of the orchestra, whose members have chly earned the support of the public by their sacrifices. It ay be easy for the philistine to point to a hundred more viously immediate claims upon his charity. Would not these usicians, he may say, be better employed on war-work? And hat is to prevent them from reviving the orchestra when ace is signed? To the second question the answer is that an chestra is something more than a chance congregation of usicians, however good. To the first it may be replied that employment of a small body of men to produce a momen- ry vision of beauty and of stable sanity in this mad and gly world may be a not inconsiderable contribution towards ctory, providing for the multitude more directly engaged a tans of spiritual recreation and of moral fortitude. Anyone ho can help financially in this work of salvation can do so rough Mr. J. B. Priestley, 3, The Grove, Highgite, N.6.