19 JULY 1940, Page 31


[A prize of a Book Token for one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword p•,,,r, to be opened. Envelopes should b. marked "Crossword Puzzle," and should be received not later than first post on Wednesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Wednesday. Solutions should be on the form appearing below. The name of the winner will be published in our next issue. Envelopes containing solutions must bear a aid. stamp, otherwise they are surcharged on delivery. Solutions from the U.S.A. cannot be accepted.) Mkcs Allk'111 \ Ill •


111111 II •


I. A geographical term not to be con- fused with a cummerbund (2 words) (8, 4)- 9. With which Midas was chastised

when a child? (2 words) (6, 3).

so. It is poisonous to see the little arch- deacon with a decoration (5).

xi. All regiments are, but particularly the North Lancashire (5).

12. " Three -, love and light, And calm thoughts, regular as infant's breath " (Coleridge) (9).

13. The man with the information (7). 15. This bird gives me a rise (7). 17. A legal person (7).

19. Kingly little editor (7).

20. Royal mail used by builders (a words)

(4, 5).

22. It makes the going, so to speak (5). 24. A division between New York and South Africa (5).

25. Not to be confused with a Roman cot (2 words) (5, 41- 26. The art which livers the goods, perhaps (12).


2. A party to celebrate the discovery of tobacco and potatoes? (5).

3. Prevents (9).

4. Custodian (7).

5. Snakes and ladders in one (7).

6. This is a plum! (6).

7. Its tongue utters nothing base (a words) (5, 4). 8. A colloquial rendering of " blitz- krieg " (3 words) (5, 3, 4).

9. A pelt's after all in a boat for

trousers (12).

14. Treeless plains (9).

16. Tigers men trained for war (9).

t8. What spring does, according to Sinding (7).

19. Stone which provided the first clue for deciphering Egyptian hiero- glyphics (7).

ax. " As rich in having such a jewel, As twenty seas, if all their sand were " (Shakespeare) (5).

as. I riot in front of a building in Japan (5).