19 JULY 1940, Page 5

GORING'S BLUSTER AT BRITAIN says a headline in The Times,

over an article based on long quotations from the National Zeitung, " the mouthpiece of Goring." I can't help thinking that this " mouthpiece " busi- ness is being overdone. Signor Gayda, we are constantly being told, is " the mouthpiece" of Signor Mussolini, with a direct implication that nothing Gayda writes fails to bear the direct imprimatur of the Duce. As to the National Zeitung, it is published at Essen. There is no reason at all to suppose that Goring is at present in that town. He is definitely stated, indeed, to be at present in Paris, displaying himself daily in Maxim's Restaurant in the Rue Royale. No doubt you can telephone from Paris to Essen now, but it would be surprising if the Field-Marshal used the line for dictating leading articles.

* * * *