20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 1

News of the Week

The Unionist Manifesto

AFTER the Mosley manifesto the manifesto of the four Unionists. There are no better brains in the Unionist Party than those of Sir Robert Home, Mr. John Buchan, Major Walter Elliot and Mr. Oliver Stanley who signed a letter which appeared in the newspapers of Wednesday. It is very much more to our taste than the Mosley mani- festo because it does not try to short-circuit democracy. The signatories point out very truly that the average elector has lost confidence in every Party as a Party. He smiles wryly at each new promise, judging from experience that all Governments become the slaves of circumstance and have to let their promises lapse. The manifesto appeals, in effect, for a pooling of effort and for national discipline and self-sacrifice.