20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 2

The Republican Risings in Spain The powder-magazine which was the

legacy of seven years of dictatorship blew up suddenly in Spain on Friday, December 12th. At Jaca, a little northern hill. town in the border Province of Huesca, the garrison revolted in the name of the " Spanish Republic " and arrested the local authorities. The movement was appa- rently started by students from Madrid and Saragossa and friends of Major Franco, the distinguished airman, who recently escaped from a Madrid prison. Com- munications with the capital were cut off, but loyalist troops who were despatched at once from Huesca soon smothered the rising. It was clear, however, that it was only the premature manifestation of a larger move- ment. The real purpose was for the Army and organized Labour in concert to overthrow the Government and the Monarehy. General Berengucr was evidently aware of the danger. He at once reimposed the Press censorship and ordered the leaders of the Jaca revolt to be court- martialled. They were executed promptly.