20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 20

[To the Editor of the SrEersTorr.I Sot,—The remark of the

Rev. Francis Underhill, writing on " Divorce " in your issue of December 6th, to the effect that very little attack has been directed against the pro- nouncement of the Lambeth Conference against the innocent party, lacks foundation in fact. If public protest has not been made, it is not because the conscience of good people is satisfied with the pronouncement ; the contrary is the case. The truth seems to be that nothing is said because religious-minded people are despairing of State action, and are hopeless of any approach to the spirit of Jesus Christ in matters of marriage, where His Spirit is most to seek. Mr. Underhill admits that the decision of the Conference is

illogical ; but he omits to add that it is illegal, and that any priest who refused to give Communion to the innocent party, could and should be punished_ under the Ecclesiastical Law. Mr. Underhill also refers to what he calls " the administration of the law of marriage of the Catholic Church." It would be illuminating if he were to ask himself where the law of that Church is to be found, and in what way it is binding on members of the Church of England as by law Established.—