20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 22

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Behind the Scenes its Many Wars is aptly named, for Lieut.- General Sir George Machfunn, a gallant and distinguished soldier who earned his first laurels as .a subaltern. in China (being recommended for .the V.C. and receiving the D.S.0.), was never in battle in later life, being always engaged in organizing work in rear. There he was a _valuable and highly trusted public servant, and saw and did much that was of importance ; but not of that dramatic importance with which imagination invests decisions taken in the _field. As the record of a full and happy life, however, as also for the side- lights it throws on several phases of Indian. Army administra- tion (Sir George was Quartermaster-General in India for four years) the book is not one to be neglected : it has not quite the grip and " actuality " which narratives of fighting some- times possess, but that is only because the author served his country in less conspicuous, although not less honourable posts.