20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 29

As a dispassionate statement of fact, The Mandates System, by

Mr. Norman Bentinck, Attorney-General of Palestine (Longnuans, 15s.), could hardly be bettered. Ile shows how the Mandates came into being for the ex-German and ex- Turkish territories, he reviews the working of the A Mandates for Palestine, Iraq and Syria, more briefly, of the B and C Mandates for African and Pacific territories, and he devotes a chapter to the international control exercised—somewhat cautiously—by the League. Mr. Bentinek has avoided controversy with so much skill and tact that the book will disappoint some readers. What needs to be said, perhaps, is that the officials of the several Mandatory Powers have been much slower than th., r chiefs to appreciate the meaning of a Mandate. But Mr. Bentinek would hardly be expected to hint at this.

* * * *