20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 29

More Books of the Week (Continued from page 984.) All

who seriously try to follow the course of world politics must be grateful to Professor Arnold J. Toynbee for the successive volumes of his Survey of International Affairs and to the Royal Institute of International Affairs under whose auspices the work is published by the Oxford University Press. The volume for 1029 (21s.), in which Miss Boulter has assisted Professor Toynbee, has just appeared, and contains, among other things, a very valuable account of the conferences on economic co-operationandahistory of the Reparations problem up to the Young report. The author does not try to cover the whole field but concentrates on really important questions and treats them fully. Various African adjustments, Chinese negotiations and the Italian settlement with the Papacy are discussed with special care. As a companion volume Mr. John W. Wheeler-Bennett has edited a judicious selection of Documents on International Affairs, 1929 (Oxford University Press, 16s.), much of which could not easily be found elsewhere. The various speeches, English and Russian, relating to the renewal of diplomatic relations, are given in full. The docu- ments concerning naval disarmament and the American atti- tude towards the Permanent Court may also be mentioned. The volume will be found extremely useful.