20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 3

A Committee of the whole Conference met twice on Tuesday

to discuss three Sub-Committee Reports. Lord Sankey's Federal Structure Sub-Committee has produced a most interesting interim Report on the lines which we mentioned a fortnight ago. The proposed Federation would derive authority in part from the powers which the States agree to concede to the Crown, and in part from the transfer of powers from the present Central Government in British India. There was some discussion on the Burma Sub-Committee Report. Certain delegates were anxious that the separation of Burma should be contingent upon the success of the Conference. It is hoped, that the Burma Constitution may be worked out at a Conference in London next slimmer, and not through any Statutory Commission. (T Bit Pe expressed his delegation's strong desire that Burma should not, in any case, acquire a status in any way inferior to that of India. The delegates arc getting their teeth into the tough problem of the " Constitution, character, powers, and responsibilities of the Federal Executive." In this connexion we would plead for responsibility at the centre being extended to financial and commercial policy—though certainly with safeguards for a transition period. This is the criterion by which Indians will judge whether Great Britain means business.

* * * *