20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 30

Many books have been written on France between 1848 and

1870, but the period was so dramatic and abounded in so many striking personalities that it never ceases to be inter- esting. 'M. Rene Arnaud, who contributes the new volume on The Second Republic and Napoleon III, translated by Mr. E. F. Buckley to Messrs. Heinemann's " National History of France " (12s. 6d.) has the French gift for clear-cut narrative seasoned with brief and piquant comment. Obviously he is no admirer of Napoleon III, but he recognizes that strange man's skill in the art of self-advertisement and also his senti- mentality. The chapters on the Crimea and the Italian war of 1859 are especially interesting. Not many English readers know that the French in the Crimea had 100,000 killed or dead of disease—five times as many as our own losses.

* * * *