20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 31

• General Knowledge Questions .

Dun weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to .Mrs. Ellen Dobree W Walford, Little arden, Bentworth, Alton, Hants, for the following :— - Questions on Naval Matters • 1. What battle was fought by moonlight in a storm ?

2, What famous Adinirai fought an action within sight of his own home ?

3. What is the origin of the connexion between the Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment and Whale Island, the Naval Gunnery School? - - •

- 4. What famous Admiral planted any acorns he saw in order to provide oaks for shipbuilding 4

5. What was meant by. the Yellow Squadron ?

6. What was a " King's letter boy " ? 7. What famous Admirals (1) entered the Service at the age of five, (2) first served at sea at the age of fifty ?

S. What wa's the punishment in the sixteenth century for a man found asleep on watch for the fourth time ?

9.• What is the origin of the term "Fleet in being" ? 10. What governs the length • of a paying off pendant ?

• 11. -Who were " Old Grog,'!, " Foulweather Jack " 2 12. After what actions did the victorious commander and his vanquished prisoner (a) play a game of piequet, (b) trace out together .4 plan of the engagement ?•-

13. What is advocated as the best Means of attaining paramount rule of the Navy ?

Answers will be found on page. 998.