20 DECEMBER 1930, Page 35

The necessity for a larger company, with ample finance, to

bring the Rhodesian copper properties to a producing stage, was the genesis of the Important scheme under which the properties of The Rhodesian Congo Border Concession and those of The Bwana M'Kubwa Copper Mining Company and the N'Cbanga Copper Mines are brought under one control. At the respective meetings held on Wednesday last the share- holders ratified the scheme. The feature of the Congo Border meeting was the speech delivered by Sir Auckland Geddes. Whilst disclaiming any anti-Americah attitude, Sir Auckland said that he did not think anyone, least of all the wiser and, more far-sighted American, wished to see the whole Northern Rhodesian copper field in the hands of American copper com- panies. Sir Auckland gave concrete figures revealing the extent of the finance required, proceeding to show the import- ance of the consolidation and how the formation of one large company would greatly strengthen the position. It is known- that the views of Sir Henry Strakosch and Mr. McConnell have not been altogether in harmony with those of Sir Auckland' and other of the directors. At the meeting Sir Henry gave, in brief compass, his present attitude to the scheme, but he accepted the verdict of the meeting and engaged to co-operate with his colleagues to ensure its greatest possible success. Sir Henry referred to the " exceptional merits of the properties.",

A. W. K.