20 MARCH 1915, Page 1

We may briefly set down the diary of the operations

since our last issue. During Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th, the very severe fighting which had begun on the 10th was continued, the Germans counterattacking all along the line. These counter-attacks, however, only resulted in more losses, and especially in prisoners In these attacks, we are told by ," Eyewitness," the Germans showed signs of great exhaustion. On one occasion the men of the attacking line actually lay down and held up their hands when we opened fire. "Eye- witness," with the chivaliy which we are glad to say seldom fails our soldiers, admits that in spite of these surrenders the ,Germans fought with /stream .cqurege , sad tenacity. Our ertillery, fire_ was, however, so overwhelming and our attacks

pressed home with sash vigour, that in many cases food could not be got into the enemy's trenches, and the men were in a state of physical collapse. So heavy were their casualties, we are told, that in one sector no less than two thousand bodies were counted upon the slope between one trenches and those of the enemy.