20 MARCH 1915, Page 15


[To ott• Enters or Tell SPeCT.t706..1 Sea,—The Public Schools of Great Britain and Ireland are uniting to form a fund in support of a Public Schools Base Hospital at Boulogne for the wounded soldiere. By the time the British armies take the field an enormous number of old Public School boys of military age will have joined the King's forces and will be giving all they can give in the service of our country. Many have already fallen, many are already among the wounded, and all are faced with the grim menace of the battlefields. The British Red Cross Society has under- taken to construct and maintain the Public Schools Base Hospital, and all Public: School boys, both past and present, are asked to join in this project. The name is not, of course, intended to indicate that the use of the boapitul will be in any sense restricted to those who have boon at the Publics Schools, but that it will be the gift of the Public, Schools to all without distinction who take part in the war, and an offering in aid of the Red Cross Society in its beneficent work. As the idea ie not to initiate anything like a competition amongst schools as to which will contribute most largely, but rather that all should join and give what they can properly afford, no subscription list will be published in the Press except the weekly totaL A number of schools have already taken the matter in band; any others which would like to join are requested kindly to communicate with the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of the Committee, Mr. W. A. Evans, Room 99, 83 Pall Mall, S.W.—We are,

Sir, Sc., FRAN% FLETCHER (Charterhouse).

EDWARD LYTNICLTON (Eton), Liostes FORD (Harrow).

M. J. RaNDaLL (Winchester).