20 MARCH 1915, Page 24

READABLE NC/VELA—Alan! Alan ! By Eirene Wigram. (John Murray. 6s)—A good

story, worthy of a happier title. It contains an admirable drawing of a coward who finds courage at the lase—The Veiled Life. By Henrietta Goldie. (William Heinemann. 61.)—Laura began life an a kitchen- maid and ended it as a happily married woman. That is almost all the author has to tell us, but she succeeds in making the tale nnnaturaL—The White Horses. By Barnwell Sutcliffe. (Ward, Lock, and Co. 6s)—Mr. Sutcliffe has given us, in his straightforward, spirited story of the Civil Ware, a most delightful hero who serves on the side of the King.— The Snare. By George Vane. (John Lane. 6a.)—This novel may be stimulating; but it is so thoroughly vulgar that we do not see how it is helped by the writer's assertion that it is true.