20 MARCH 1915, Page 24


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We have received the first publications of the " American- Scandinavian Foundation," established some four years ago by Mr. Niels Poulson. The books issued are divided into the two categories of "Scandinavian Monographs " and "Scandinavian Glaseics." To the former class belongs The Voyages of the Norsemen to America, by William Hovgaard (Humphrey Milford for the American-Scandinavian Foundation, 17e. net). The accounts of these voyages given in the sagas have, of course, been repeatedly discussed and analysed; but Professor Hovgaard, who was himself an officer in the Danish Navy, deals with the subject especially from the standpoint of navigation. His book is illustrated with some useful photo- graphs, drawings, and maps. To the second series of books, the "Scandinavian Classics," belongs a selection of three Comedies by Holberg, translated by Oscar James Campbell, jun., and Frederic Schenck (same publishers, 6s. 6d. net). This famous Danish dramatist, who flourished during the first half of the eighteenth century, is hardly known in England, though some others of his plays were translated not long ago. His brisk and unsophisticated humour is well exemplified in the present selection. Lastly, we have in the same series some translations of Poems by Tegner, the Swedish poet (same publishers and price). These are reprints, being partly the work of Longfellow. and partly of the Rev. W. L. Blackley, who produced his versions more than fifty years ago.