20 MARCH 1915, Page 24

WAIL BooEs.—The number of new books and pamphlets connected with

the war scarcely shows a sign of diminishing. We cannot attempt to keep pace with them, and must be content with a bare mention of two or three of the most valuable. First comes the second volume of Mr. John Buchan's Nelson's History of the War (T. Nelson and Sone, Is. net). This is even better than its predecessor, which we noticed on February 27th. It carries the story from the beginning of the retreat from Mons up to the beginning of the Bettie of the Alone. The most interesting chapter. however, is the one which gives a detailed account of Hinden- burg's brilliant victory at Tannenberg at the end of August, which, so far as we know, has never before been described in England.—The extremely useful work which Sir Percy Fitzpatrick has been doing lately in South Africa is revealed in the volume on The Origin, Causes, and Object of the War which hel. just published (Si mpkin, Marshall, and Co., 2e. 6d. net). It contains in a revised form the gist of a series of lectures which be has been delivering in various parts of the Union, and which throw especial light upon the

colonial ambitions of Germany.—Another excellent book of

• similar sort is Heiser, Krupp, and %taller, by Mr. T. A. Cook (John Murray, Is. net). In this is reprinted a selection from the admirable leading articles that have been appearing ' from week to week in the columns of the Field—Nest we may notice the terrible Official Book of the German Atrocities (C. Arthur Pearson, Is. net), which gives full translations of the official Reports issued by the various Belgian, French, and Russian Commissions appointed to examine the evidence.— Lastly come a couple of useful reference books one a Hospital HandboOk in English and French (Si mpkin, Marshall, and Co., Is. net) giving medical terms of every sort in the two languages, the other Reeves' Chart of the Navies of Great Britain end Germany (St. Catherine Press, 6d.), showing very clearly in tabular form detailed particulars of the various types of warships,