20 MARCH 1915, Page 25

Boons 09 REPBBENCM — The Foreign Office List for 1913 (Barritron and

Sons, 10s. 6.1. net) shows the effect., of the war upon many of its pages. notably in the blanks left by the absence of diplomatic and consular services in the enemy countries.—The Clergy List, 1915 (Kelly's Directories, 12e. 6d. net), is another useful reference book that has just reached us.—In the new issue of The Neu/Taper Press .Directory (C. Mitchell and Co., 2..) will be found interesting comment., upon the effect of the war upon the business of newspaper production and a discussion of the Censorship from a legal standpoint. It. is remarkable that in spite of the difficulties canted by the war only a single London daily paper has hitherto ceased publication, whereas three new ones have been started.—The English Catalogue of Books for 1914 The Publishers' Circular, 7a. fid. net. shows that upon the book trade the effects of the war have been considerable, but not eo severe as might have been expected. The total number of books pub- lished during last year was eleven thousand five hundred and thirty-seven as compared with twelve thousand three hundred and seventy-nine in the year before.—Two scholastic books of reference have reached ns. These are The Schoolmasters' Year Book, 1911 (Year Book Press, 12s. tilt net), and The Public Schools Year Book, 1913 (same publishers, 5e. net). In the latter will be found very full particular., as to the new reenla- Lions for temporary and permanent commissions in the Navy and Army.—The latest edition of Every Man's Oven Lawyer (Crosby Lockwood, 6e. 8d. net) includes information upon the war emergency legislation of the last few nroutha—With this may be mentioned it Practical Guide to the Death Duties, by Charles Beatty (Effingham Wilson, 4e. net), and Guido to the Income Tam, by F.B. Leeming (same publishers, Is. 6d, net).