20 MARCH 1915, Page 25

New EDITIONS. — The fifth edition of Mr. J. Ellis Barker's Modern

Germany {Smith, Elder, and Co., 7s. &I. net) contains four new chapters dealing with the war, its causes and effects, the title of one of which is "The Ultimate Ruin of Germany."— Beside this we may notice the third edition of Mr. F. H. Skrine's book upon The Expansion of Bessie; (Cambridge University Press, 6s. net), which gives a political history of Russia during the Last century.—Professor W. J. Sollas has brought out a second edition of his remarkable study in pre- historic archaeology, Ancient Hunters (Macmillan and Co., 15e. net). It contains numerous additions and corrections. --A revised edition has appeared of Mr. Charles R. Gibson's popular treatise on Electricity of To-Day (Seeley, Service, and Co., be. net); and with this may be mentioned a reprint of Elementary Human Biology, by J. E. Peabody and A. E. Hunt (Macmillan and Co., 4e.].—Lastly, we must mention the eleventh edition of Williams' Bankruptcy Practice, revised up to the beginning of this year by E. W. Harwell and M. E. Mansell (Stevens and Sons, 80s.).