20 NOVEMBER 1920, Page 11


Sm—The absurdity of the juetification of the Lord Mayor of Cork's suicide by your correspondent "English and Catholic" may be made clear by two illustrations showing respectively the early Christian taking the line actually adopted by the Lord Mayor, and the Lord Mayor following the hypothetical course of the early Christian. First :— Praetor: "Offer incense before this statue of the Imperator, and I will let you go home free at once."

Christian: " I cannot do so."

Praetor: "Then I shall send you to prison for two years." Christian: "If you do I shall absolutely refuse to take any food."

His death under these circumstances would be suicide. Second:—

British Government: " Unlem you cease to be a Sinn Faber and take the oath of allegiance I shall order you to be executed.

Lord Mayor: "I cannot do so."

British Government: "Then you shall be executed."

His death in due execution of the sentence could in no circumstance be regarded as suicide.—I am, Sir, Ac., CORKONIAN.